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ELRU's Family and Community Motivators Programme (FCM) is a pioneering home-based programme that brings Early Childhood Development (ECD) into the homes of the marginalised and most vulnerable children in South Africa. Despite the improved focus on the importance of ECD programmes in South Africa, 7 out of 10 vulnerable children from poor socio-economic circumstances still do not have access to Early Childhood Development and Learning activities.

ELRU was a groundbreaker in empowering women and caregivers from these communities to help families, babies, toddlers and young children to learn about and access quality early learning and play-based, child stimulation activities. ELRU does this by capacitating caregivers and volunteers from communties to support families with young children through sustained home visits and a structured peer to peer education programme.




ELRU’s flagship Family and Community Motivator (FCM) Programme remains the preferred platform for children who do not receive any ECD support to access the Essential Package. The FCM programme places the parent at the centre of the child’s development and builds on the philosophy that the Parent is the Child’s First Teacher. In order to develop to their full potential children need good nutrition, good health, a healthy living environment, supportive parenting, cognitive stimulation, as well as access to health care, social services and, if necessary, social assistance. ELRU regards these children’s rights as The Essential Package.
We work towards the provision of these rights through the deployment of ECD family community motivators (FCMs) who work with childminders and caregivers in the home. Home visits include ECD stimulation activities with the child and between the caregiver and the child. The programme actively engages both child and parent/caregiver which allows for the development process to continue even when our FCM's are not in attendance.


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