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ELRU is nationally and internationally recognised for over 40 years of high quality, high impact service to build the foundation of education and the support needed by children from conception to 6 years of age to engage with the world of informal learning and work.

In order to develop to their full potential children need:




These components, which are also children’s rights, collectively make up an Essential Package of services for young children.

However the majority of children in South Africa are currently not receiving any form of ECD provision! This is because either their parents cannot afford to send them to an ECD centre, or because there is no centre in the areas where they live. ELRU defines Quality ECD programming as the provision of services that facilitate the full development of young children, taking into consideration their age with a specific focus on their stimulation needs, nutritional needs, maternal and child health needs, social services and, lastly, support for the primary caregiver. This we consider as the Total Quality ECD.




For those children who are at an ECD centre there is a growing concern about the lack of quality in the learning programmes at ECD centres. There is a critical need for programmes to reach children who are not linked to formal centres, as well as to upgrade the quality or service provision in centres. By engaging in this work we aim to deliver a quality Essential Package of services to children where they are located i.e. in an ECD Centre or in the Home.




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