ELRU goes Open Source

Friday 16 October 2015

ELRU empowers Early Childhood Development (ECD) through the launch of its Open Access Portal

Open access policies encourage the sharing of quality learning resources to upscale ECD access in Africa.

Cape Town, South Africa, October 16, 2015:  The Early Learning Resource Unit (ELRU) is one of the oldest Non-Government Organisations in South Africa, concerned with Early Childhood Development.  We serve under resourced communities and help bring ECD services to vulnerable children from the poorest of poor communities.

Despite 37 years of dedicated work by our organisation and many others, approximately 63% of children in South Africa still do not have access to ECD services.  Early Childhood Development and learning interventions are essential to shape children’s lives in a way that will break the cycle of poverty.

We took a decision to boost our efforts to scale-up ECD services by making all our programmes and award winning publications open access.

This means that anyone can access electronic copies of our children’s books, materials and ECD practitioner support resources free of charge

This includes wonderful children’s story books in multiple indigenous languages and contexts to help children make sense of their world through the introduction of topics such as Inclusion, Anti-Bias, Early Mathematical concepts, Science and Early Literacy.

Over the past three decades ELRU has won multiple awards for its publications and capacitation programmes. The world has changed and technology can now help us reach the 6 out of 10 children who currently do not have access to ECD. “We felt that the time was right to share and allow all parents, caregivers and other ECD organisations open access to our body of work,” says Tracy van der Heyde, director of ELRU. 

We invite you to view our resources on our newly revamped website www.elru.co.za

ELRU goes Open Source

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